Your Purchase Helps Animals - Learn How

Your Purchase Helps Animals - Learn How


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How does my purchase help animals?

All the proceeds from the sales of our items support the statutory purposes of Open Cages.

Who are we?

Otwarte Klatki (Open Cages) is a Polish organization founded in 2012, uniting those who want to change the fate of farm animals.

Our goal is to prevent animal suffering by introducing systemic social change, documenting factory farm conditions, and promoting positive attitudes towards animals by education.

Since 2018, we have been a member of Anima International, with branches in Poland, UK, Estonia, Denmark, as well as Lithuania, Ukraine, and Belarus.

We believe that changing the situation of animals is possible. Our goal is to achieve better protection of animals on farms and ensure consumers’ right to full knowledge about the conditions the animals live in.

We support international initiatives and are a part of global coalitions supporting animal rights, such as Open Wing Alliance and Fur Free Retailer.

For more information about our work and campaigns, visit:

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