Poster Norka Domowa
  • Poster Norka Domowa
  • Poster Norka Domowa

Poster Norka Domowa

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Wall poster with a mink, who is indulging in a moment of relaxation. We recommend in her company to do the same. A house mink lazily stretched out on a chaise longue is reading a book entitled "Free mink," or "Free mink." Is she looking there for instructions on how to make a better life for her sisters and brothers suffering on cage farms? We'll quietly hint that among the advice there is bound to be a point about supporting Open Cages. You can do so by ordering a wall poster with a mink or other animal available in our store. All proceeds support the Association's activities, including farm inspections and the fight to ban fur farming in Poland. 

Printed on 200g matte chalkboard paper. 

Format: B2 (500x707 mm) and B3 (340x480 mm) 

Author: Jakub Zasada


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