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Italia dla zielonych. Roślinna kuchnia włoska. Alicja Rokicka

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Italian cuisine is not only pizza and pasta with tomato sauce. In local trattorias and home kitchens there are countless vegetable flavors. Which one?

Sweet Venetian rolls with saffron, cornetto, almond panna cotta or lemon granita go well with coffee. The best aperitivo to whet the appetite is spritz bianco or negroni, and to stimulate the stomach - bruschetta, puff pastry mini pizzas or olives baked with garlic and rosemary. The royal dish, or pasta, flaunts its types and shapes. And for big hunger, we recommend oven-baked eggplants, spinach with raisins, vegetable stew or focaccia: from Genoa, Tuscan with apples or with potatoes and rosemary.

Italy is the love of Alicja Rokicka - better known as Vegan Nerd - and her second home. She finally decided to share her love.

Italia dla Zielonych is also a guide to getting around Italy and what herbivores can expect when it comes to food.

Number of pages: 320

Release date: September 29, 2021


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